Screening Machine

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Screening Machine

Common screening machines are circular vibrating screen, round vibrating screen,linear vibrating screen, vibration screen, rotary screen and so on.

Here are images of applicable product line:

  • 120-200tph iron ore benefication production line in India
  • Petroleum coke calcination production line
  • Gold flotation production line
  • Sand Making Production Line
  • Flotation Separating Line
  Application field :
Applicable to the quarry, the quarry, coal industry, chemical industry, processing industry, etc.

Screening Machine is one of the screening machinery equipment, mainly used to screen materials into different size, with features of simple structure, easy to use, high efficiency and high speed. The levels of particles to be screened depend on the different screen surface which can be divided into grating sieving surface, plate sieving surface and mesh sieving surface.

Common screening machines are circular vibrating screen, round vibrating screen,linear vibrating screen, vibration screen, rotary screen and so on. Materials met the requirements can fall into the next process, coating and packaging stages, through screen cloth of screening machine, while material that does not meet the requirements will be sent to the crusher again for crushing and granulation. Sieving machines are commonly used equipment in production of compound fertilizer, mainly used for the separation of finished materials and returning charge, as well as achieving the classification of finished product. Screening machine uses combined screen cloth with easy maintenance and replacement, and the machine has simple structure, easy operation, smooth running and other advantages.

Sieving machine with grating sieving surface is suitable for screening granular material, generally not less than 50 mm. Sieving machine with plate sieving surface is punched by steel plate, with square or rectangular hole with aperture 10~80 mm, this kind of sieving machine has long service life, and is not easy to plug, so ití»s suitable for screening secondary particles. Sieving machine with mesh sieving surface has square or rectangular hole, with pore size 6~85 mm, so ití»s suitable for sieving wet material.

Working principle of sieving machine:

Sieving machine works under the principle that different materials have different sizes and quality, and different liquid has different settling rate. Sieving machine pushes material upward, and then does the mechanical screening work, so materials in mill can be filtered out according to different levels, and finally screws larger material into the mill, and overflows filtered tiny materials through the overflow pipe.

Technical data sieving machine

Model Working area
Layers of screens Max. feeding size
Processing capacity
Screen size
Vibrating times Power
400*800 0.29 1 50 12 1-25 1500 1.1
400*800 0.29 2 50 12 1-15 1500 0.5
800*1600 1.2 1 100 20-25 3-40 1430 2.2
900*1800 1.52 1 60 20-25 1-25 1000 2.2
900*1800 1.52 2 60 20-25 1-25 1000 2.2
1250*2500 3.15 1 100 150 6-40 850 5.5
1250*2500 3.15 2 150 150 6-40 1200 5.5
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