Rotary Kiln

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Rotary Kiln

calcine cement clinker. It is also core equipment of new type of dry process cement production line.

Here are images of applicable product line:

  • 120-200tph iron ore benefication production line in India
  • Petroleum coke calcination production line
  • Gold flotation production line
  • Sand Making Production Line
  • Flotation Separating Line
  Application field :
metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, refractories, and environmental protection industries.

Rotary kiln is also referred to cement rotary kiln, limestone rotary kiln and clinker rotary kiln, which is usually used to calcine cement clinker. It is also core equipment of new type of dry process cement production line. Raw materials after grinding will be burned into clinker under the action of high temperature of cement rotary kiln. Hence, cement rotary kiln is commonly known as the heart of cement plant.

Rotary kiln is widely used in such industries as building materials industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. The magnetization roasting of lean iron ore of steelworks can also use rotary kiln. The lean iron ore after roasting has magnetic, which can be used for magnetic separation work.

In addition, limestone rotary kiln can also be used as calcining equipment of limestone. In limestone production line, rotary kiln is usually used to calcine limestone, thus making limestone decomposed.

Features of rotary kiln:

1. Stable function, low energy consumption, high output, easy to operate. Rotary kilní»s structure is simple, production process control conveniently and reliably and it is less wearing parts and high operation rate.

2. One hand,rotary kiln is the combustion equipment,in which coal powder burns to produce heat;Another hand, rotary kiln is the heat transfer equipment,raw materials absorb the gas heat to burn. Fuel combustion, heat transfer and material movement must be reasonable co-ordination to make the heat produced by material burn transfer to raw material timely when raw material go through the rotary kiln.This can reach the high-yield, high-quality and low consumption of purpose.

3. The rotary kiln firing system is equipmented with technological innovation,This system adopts the domestic advanced technology,such as the most advanced hydraulic block wheel device, a high measurement accuracy of measurement piston pump, high-precision control valve and contact-type graphite block sealing device.

4. Easy to operate, reliable use. Stabilize the thermal system, and improve the equipment operation rate, increase 10% operation rate compared with the same specifications equipment, production increased by 5% -10%, reduction 15% heat loss.

The main parameters of Cement Rotary Kiln:

Model Technical main reducer main motor  support the number  Weight
Oblique speed(%) capacity
Model Speed ratio Model Power
Ø1.9/1.6*36 0.53-1.59 4 2.5-4 JZQ750-1 45.58 JZT-72-4 30 1200/400 3 53  
Ø2.1/1.8*36 0.5-1.51 4 3.9-5 UT2-110 163.36 JZS-81 30 1410/470 3 75  
Ø1.2*25 0.5-1.6 3 0.3-1.2 PM650 40.17 JZTY71-4 15 1200/120 3 34  
Ø1.6*32 0.158-0.258 3 0.6-2 PM750 48.57 JZJY61-4 22 1200/120 3 46.82  
Ø1.8*45 0.66-1.98 4 1-4.5 UT2
163.36 JZS-81 30 1410/470 3 80  
Ø2.2*50 0.125-1.25 3.5 2-8 ZS145
157 YCT280-4A 45 1320/132 3 130.71  
Ø2.5*50 0.516-1.549 3.5 5.5-13 ZS165
99.96 YCT355-4A 55 1320/440 3 167.5  
Ø3*48 0.3309-3.309 3.5 9-20 ZL130
32.11 ZSN4-250-21B 90 1500/150 3 237 decomposition of the Kiln outside
Ø3.2*50 0.398-3.975 3.5 13-32 ZL130
40.85 ZSN4-280-11B 190 1000/100 3 263 decomposition of the Kiln outside
Ø3.3*52 0.391-3.91 3.5 14-38 ZSY500
27.707 ZSN4-315082 190 1000/100 3 280.8 decomposition of the Kiln outside
Ø4*60 0.396-3.96 3.5 32-80 ZSY630
34.601 ZSN-355-092 315 1000/100 3 487.5 decomposition of the Kiln outside
Ø4.2*60 0.4165-4.165 3.5 45-100 ZSY710
35.526 ZSN4-355-12 420 1000/100 3 576.1 decomposition of the Kiln outside
Ø4.3*62 0.398-3.98 3.5 51-120 ZSY710
35.714 ZSN4-355-12 420 1000/100 3 598.5 decomposition of the Kiln outside
Ø4.8*74 0.35-4 4 90-200 JH710C-SW305-40 42.226 ZSN-400-092         decomposition of the Kiln outside

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