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Hongji Lignite Dryer Machine Equipment Inspection Points

Add Time : 2015-12-31      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

Lignite dryer machine is a continuous operation, usually pay attention to carry out maintenance. Lignite dryer machine maintenance work is a task of every dryer operator must uphold for a long, in order to protect ceramsite line be more long-term durability of high efficiency, follow the scheme of things within to complete, to achieve the objective the possibility of more high.

Maintenance work lignite dryer machine is the user's needs special attention, do not be afraid tedious maintenance work, because only by adhering to the repair work on the ceramsite line productivity and quality to a certain height.

Lignite dryer machine repair work in small, medium and large, the user needs based on the use and maintenance of lignite dryer machine to prepare large, medium and small repair plan. In addition, accidental repair, emergency measures to deal with the accident and carried out, is unplanned.

Operation of equipment and wear, and record the main technical state of repair before the main characteristics of precision and bias load parts and so on. Lignite dryer is mainly the following extent of wear parts need to be replaced and repair, tire wear surface tapered polygon and local when penetrating cracks should be replaced. When the cylinder cracks and local deformation, the need for repair and replacement. The need for replacement or repair rim having irreversible damage. In the normal warranty period for your free replacement of spare parts and technical support.

These are Hongji technical staff to visit many customers come to the conclusion, as we hope to provide reference, select the appropriate repair method, make use value lignite dryer better play out, for customers to create more wealth.zrf

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