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The Interpretation to Hongji Roll Crusher Material Handling Process

Add Time : 2015-12-30      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

Hongji specializes in the production of jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher stone crushing plant equipment, well-known knowledge of the crusher. According Hongji crusher machine engineer, roll crusher material crushing process is divided into three stages.

roll crusher

First, the material in the joint action of gravity and tension roller crusher, into the crushing chamber, the extrusion pressure began to be smaller, the material layer is smaller in size, near the giant particle phase. With the rotation of the roller, compulsory material falling particle density increases, the stress intensity rises, the point contact between the particles gradually becomes surface contact.

Second, when the dense particles continue to move towards the minimum gap between the rolls, and further increase the degree of compaction, with the sharp increase in the stress intensity, fine particles occupy the voids between the particles under high pressure, resulting in voids tends to zero. Under high stress of the bed began to stress transfer.

Third, the movement has been crushed fine particles under high stress to the entire gap, individual larger particles are tightly surrounded by fine particles; the minimum clearance between the rolls at the highest density of the bed. So have a "clumping" form of continuity "cake" discharge crushing chamber. After exiting through the broken serve powder caking, even hand to crush.

After finishing the three stages of crushing, the material can reach the size requirements, to meet customer needs. Hongji machinery and mining equipment dedicated more than thirty years, not only the production of the crusher and other crushing equipment, also produces stone crushing plant, processing equipment, cement production equipment, rotary kiln, dryers and other equipment, variety, the whole model, welcomed the new old customers purchase.zrf