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What Factors Have Led to the Generated Shaking of Jaw Crusher during Operation?

Add Time : 2015-12-29      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

Jaw crusher is a variety of mining production line, the first crushing process in ceramsite line, plays a leading role in the whole production line. If a problem occurs faucet behind the entire production process will be seriously affected.

jaw crusher

Hongji Machine received a customer reflect that, mining production line since the purchase after a year and a half, Hongji machine use has not appeared in any situation, it is very at ease with the result some time ago suddenly found broken production line jaw crusher in the work process shaking occurs, I do not know what is the situation?

Hongji machine receives customers reflect, immediately rushed to beat ceramsite line technician on site equipment inspection, the inspection found that the use of ordinary long time, the wind and sun plus corrosion, partial screws appears break situation.

This is a very small failure, but we remind the user, and sometimes more often more glitches not easy to arouse people's attention. The following summarizes some of the experts analyze jaw crusher work produced during sloshing cause.

Firstly, more attention to fixing screws jaw crusher are loose or broken phenomenon occurs.

Jaw crusher relies on these screws to the ground, if the screws are loose or broken, loose side of the machine will be slight shaking. If you do not notice promptly tighten loose screws or replace the broken screw, it will lead to other screws because shaking loose, then shaking more serious damage to the machine.

Secondly, check fixed ground.

We all know that is the need to lay the foundation to build a house, if the foundation will collapse unstable. Jaw crusher is the same, depending on solid ground will not shake. If the jaw crusher foundation is not solid or long-term basis using the process, to loose it will affect the firm jaw crusher. Therefore, the fixed jaw crusher is to be sure to lay the foundation, and after the course of every other period of time to check ground is loose, if loose timely reinforcement.

Finally, jaw crusher use, if it is inside the sheave position to fly out of position, so that the machine will be out of balance, leading to violent shaking machine. Therefore, when using a jaw crusher periodic inspection and maintenance is very important. zrf