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What Detailed Questions Cannot Be Ignored about Sand Making Machine Installation?

Add Time : 2015-12-25      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

Henan Hongji mine machine specializes in the production of sand making machine, we are familiar with the structure of each component of sand, but some stone crushing plant manufacturer's customers really lack of knowledge, let Hongji mining machine engineer tell everyone sand making machine installation details and steps.

sand making machine

Sand making equipment in the installation must be checked when the installation site (this usually before the e, just make sure all prepared, in order to ensure the problem does not occur in the future installation process, so the following are the most professional knowledge to the introduction of, must learn carefully.

1) Check the inlet positional deviation of the size and placement quality: Requires surface clean, no oil, debris, but does not allow concrete bare leak on the outside, as well as the lack of angle cracks on the surface.

2) Based on the size and location should be in accordance with the following criteria deviation: View dimensions and basic coordinate positions, vertical and horizontal axis error is less than the measurement requirements 20mm, different parallel surfaces standard height of less than 20mm: for the entire length of the slope of error should be less than 20mm, the irregularities plane should be less than 5mm.

3) When do the equipment inspection, the staff should do in accordance with the packing list, for all sizes of parts and file checks to see if there is a lack of deformation, the data do records.

4) When removing the film and dust oil during installation, and add to the protective etc., on the spare parts, the key fitting, pre-testing and pre-assembled, in order to avoid rework the installation work and ensure the installation progress and quality of the installation.

Hongji mining machine has the professional engineering and technical personnel. To ensure that customers need help in the late stone crushing plant installation and operation and maintenance work!zrf