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Hongji Machine: How Energy Saving Ball Mill Play Its Value in Ceramsite Line?

Add Time : 2015-12-24      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

At present, China has become the country's largest coal, steel, iron ore, aluminum, copper, cement consumption in the world, is the world's second largest energy consuming nation. To promote China's economic restructuring and transformation of economic growth mode, energy conservation, energy, environmental protection has become our country's basic national policy of a sustainable future and long-term strategic approach to development. Hongji Machine believes ball mill as the most important production equipment ceramsite line, has a large energy saving space.

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According to statistics, in the mining industry, ball mill power consumption accounts for about 40% -50% of the entire production chain, in ceramsite line, ball mill power consumption can reach 70% of total electricity consumption, electricity consumption in the thermal power industry accounted for ball mill 30% of the electricity plant, the country's total mill consumption proportion of total electricity generation of up to 2%, resulting in a great deal of energy and material consumption. With the scarcity of high-quality coal, ore and other resources, poor materials in industrial production make extensive use of the ball mill grinding efficiency generally reduced, thereby reducing power consumption per unit of output further increased.

Today, China adheres to the "reduction, reuse, recycle" the road of sustainable development. Government-led, business-oriented, the whole pattern of energy conservation, community participation, are gradually in China. That is to say. "energy saving" is not only the urgent needs of enterprise internal development, but also the people's livelihood. As ceramsite line major pollution sources, ball mill energy conservation is an inevitable trend, in order to promote the realization of China's basic national policy to achieve sustainable development and long-term strategic approach to development.

Hongji machine's energy-saving ball mill barn built with different specifications of the ball, use the ball gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy as the driving force of the impact caused the material to be crushed, then, materials are hit by liner collide with other materials, to achieve more secondary crushing effect, saves energy, while quickly and efficiently complete crushing materials. It is understood that energy saving ball mill for ceramsite line part of saving 30% -40%, so that the ball mill production capacity increased by 5% to 30%, reduce the consumption of wear-resistant castings of more than 50%. And energy-saving ball mill according to different grade levels for material crushing, crushing once, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.zrf