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The improvements on rotary dryer technology and structure

Add Time : 2014-12-01      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

The improvements on rotary dryer technology and structure to enhance drying the efficiency of fly ash

Rotary dryer is the important drying equipment for ash processing in recent years. With increasing ash emissions, traditional rotary dryer has been unable to meet the demand in yield and environmental performance. So, Hongji Mine Machinery do some improvements on rotary dryer technology and structure to enhance drying the efficiency of fly ash.

Due to fly ash characteristics of high moisture, relatively small mass density, large rheology, Hongji Mine Machinery developed a new type of fly ash drying system with energy saving and high yield,which has the heating parts,heat exchange components and parts of the ventilation and dust. The entire system set heating, drying, dust collection as a whole.

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The specific structure and process characteristics of new environmentally friendly and high efficient rotary dryer
1.Adopting high temperature rapid boiling furnace technology, adequate heating
Hongji Mine Machinery made significant improvements on boiling furnace structure,making the furnace space layoutmore reasonable, furnace structural more strength, with powerful supporting air supply system and full automatic coal supply, crushing, conveying systems. After the improvements, small particles lump, in the role of the bottom of the fan,is high boiling temperature of combustion,sufficient heat, to create the preconditions for the energy saving and high yield of the dryer.
2.Improvements on the structure and function, increaseing drying effect
(1) Transmission gear mosaic structure. Compared to traditional gear with adjustable spring steel structure, the dryer cylinder after processing, gear mounted on the barrel, is higher concentricity, smooth running, small vibration.
(2) The use of the front of the dryer feed. Feed of traditional dryer is in the upper of fluidized bed furnace,through the feed tube under heat feeding.Due to the high temperature of the dryer roaster, even under the heat-resistant steel casting tube is also very easy to burn out, and replace frequent, severe affecting the normal operation of the dryer. In front of the dryer, feeding through a special device, you can not use the feed tube, with no problem of feed tube replacement.
(3) Improving aggregate cover. Aggregate drying chamber cover materials is for a feed gas separation equipment, and ordinary aggregate dryer hood space is not big enough, the airflow velocity difference can not be formed,resulting in it can not be a dry fly ash collection.So a lot of powder easily ran into the precipitator ash. By increasing aggregate cover volume,it can solve the problem fundamentally.
(4) Improving the lifting plate structure. Adding the X-type combination lifting plate in the central region of the dryer, which spread around the lifting plate material and then formed by the central X-shaped lifting plate sprinkle secondary materials, improving the fly ash drying efficiency.

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Through structural improvements of rotary dryer, greatly improving the drying efficiency of fly ash, while achieving environmental pollution in the production process,is the ideal choice for fly ash drying.Contact Hongji Mine Machinery,China famous rotary dryer manufacturer,by or online service for more information,please!