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The improvements of ball mill structural design

Add Time : 2014-11-28      Author : Hongji Mine Machinery

With the introduction of advanced technology, we found ball mill has a big gap compared with foreign countries in product design and manufacturing materials which promotes the positive innovation of domestic ball mill equipment manufacturers. Through technical studies, Hongji Mine Machinery has continuously improved the design performance of the device.

How to improve the design of the ball mill structure?
1. Adjusting design of ball mill equipment cold pipe size
Conventional ball mill equipment cold pipe size is too small, resulting in insufficient ventilation and lower yields. After increased the size of the cold pipe,we have solved this problem effectively.
2. Adjust the  gap of grinding roller and grinding bowl
Adjust the gap of of roller and grinding bowl mill to 3mm, meanwhile the gap and the spring-loaded force between the load,the grinding roller bolt head according to the specification requirements, so that the ball mill grinding capacity can be improved.
3.The new design of load frame
Turn the early foundry load frame to frame welded load with optimized design, eliminating equipment problems caused by the casting defects as well as turn the guide of  loading frame from sliding friction to rolling friction. It is not only improving working life and working conditions of friction, but also greatly reducing replacement time.

4. The improved of lower carrier sealing ring
Lower carrier sealing device is composed of a sealing ring constituting with four graphite blocks, of which there is a 1mm gap between the upper circle and the bearing disc shaft the and the bearing disc and at the following three times confining disc holder shaft seal ring outer ring with four laps compensation graphite block and tighten the spring disc bearing shaft wear resulting gap. The new seal with a seal structure using air chamber is divided into two parts with the graphite pressure-contact face contact seal, which can guarantee grinding materials powder into the sealed air chamber on the lower seal adverse conditions.

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